Sunday, April 3, 2011


Grace is scheduled for surgery at 9 am tomorrow. They need to remove a clot from her left chest cavity. Hopefully it will allow for that lung to have room to  grow. She had a very good day today, her oxygen hardly dropped at all and her blood pressure didnt raise. Her heartrate stayed fine, it usually does, she has a strong heart. They have to change the ECMO tubing after one week, so they did that today which meant she was off of it for about 50 seconds. Doesnt sound like alot but was scary to me since everything dropped from that. It all went back up quickly though. I will post more tomorrow, going to get some rest so we can be strong for Grace tomorrow for surgery. Please pray and think of her around 9 am!


  1. Prayers for baby Grace and your family!!! (((hugs)))

  2. Sending prayers for a successful surgery!

    Mom to Andrew
    CDH/ECMO Survivor

  3. praying!
    love you guys!

    aunt lynette and uncle mike - and jocy!

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