Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 10

Grace is 10 days old. I can hardly believe it's already been ten days but at the same time I can't believe it's ONLY been 10 days. It's such a strange feeling. She had a good day today, when I left around 11pm they said she was "very stable". She was resting nicely, and the last blood gas they drew was so nice they decided not to draw another until the morning. She has an awesome nurse tonight so that's good too. Grace was awake for just a bit today, she is so beautiful especially when her eyes are open! She really likes to be touched by mommy and daddy, but is just a bit annoyed by most others. Like I mentioned before, the noises really bother her, so they've been keeping her quite sedated because she doesn't like to be bothered. Weaning her from Moriphine and Adavan probably won't be too much fun.  Her brothers came to see her today and she liked that alot. She had her eyes open then and I think that made them pretty happy too.
Grace started showing some lung volume on the vent, let's hope her lung function begins to improve further and her lungs clear out all the fluid and wetness so that she can begin the steps to trialing off of ECMO. The ECMO specialists are all great people, but I can't wait to see them go!
I have to keep telling myself that it's going to take awhile, that baby steps are ok, that she is going to get through this even if it takes awhile, that I can't expect it to happen overnight. BUT that's really hard. The first 2 or so days that we were here, they were saying we'd be there for 3 weeks to a month and that ECMO should be about 12 days. Well since we are entering day 11 on ECMO we know that's not happening, which means the month thing isnt happening either and it's so hard for me to not get discouraged.
So all in all, not much to report today, which is thankfully a good thing!


  1. Grace and the family have been in my prayers everyday. I have thought of you, hoping you all are able to hold your head a little higher everyday. Prayers and blessing will continue to come until Grace is safe and healthy in your arms.

  2. Prayers from a CDH mother!
    Lisa, Mom to Ramsey
    LCDH survivor

  3. I agree that "not to much to report" is a good thing! Prayers still coming your way,

    Janna Caravia
    Due 4/26/11 with cdh baby boy