Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another surgery down.

I lied on my last post, Grace had surgery today instead of tomrrow. That's how things work around here, nothing stays the same for long! She had a good night and morning and then went down for surgery to put her intestines back in and close her abdomen. They had thought she might need a patch on the outside, but she only needed a mesh patch that was sewn onto her abdominal muscles. Her skin on the outside was able to be closed on it's own though. So the patch on the inside shouldn't have as high of a risk of infection as a gortex patch would have. Down the line they may need to go back in and give her a tummy tuck of sorts if she grows, since the patch will not grow with her. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.
She was started on Octreotide for the Chylothorax, which brings with it its own risks and side effects. One of which is Necrotizing Entercolitis. They don't know why some babies on Octreotide get it, but they do sot hey will watch her carefully for it. She is already outputting less than she was so they might not need to have her on it for long. I hope so.
When we got here last night, she was wide awake and just staring at the pictures we have on her top. There is one of the boys and one of our family. She loves to look at them. So then we read her a story and talked with her and the RT came in to do her breathing treatment. She is so funny because when she is awake she will watch intently whoever is messing with her. She wants to make sure if someone is in her house,t hey are doing things correctly!
Please pray that Grace will recover from her surgery quickly and with no complications. That the chylo will resolve quickly and there are no adverse side effects from the treatment of it.
Pray that her pphn does not worsen due to her intestines taking up more room in her body than her lungs are used to.


  1. It sounds like the sugery went BETTER than planned! YEA to that. Thinking of baby Grace often,


  2. Glad that part is over ((((hugs))))

  3. Glad surgery went well and I hope the chylothorax clears up very soon!

    Still sending lots of prayers your way -

    Mom to Andrew - CDH/ECMO survivor

  4. So thankful surgery went well. We will continue to pray for Grace and your family. Barb Heinauer

  5. Thinking & praying for baby Grace & your family!

  6. Garrett's Grandma "mimi ellen"May 01, 2011 11:45 AM

    Grace is so lucky to have been born into such a loving supportive fanily. I love that she stares at the family pictures. I hope and pray for the best for you all...with a little emphasis on Grace.