Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No news.

Not a whole lot to report today. Today was Grace's 17th day of life and 17th day on ECMO. They did not trial again today like planned. They want her kidneys to start to work on thier own again, so they wanted to give her a break today. As of right now the plan is to trial again tomorrow. Of course that can change, but I hope they do and that she rocks it. I mentioned her high tolerance to the drugs, well today when I came in, I found out they decided to stop giving the PRN's of morphine and Ativan and switched instead to Fentanyl and Versed. They are supposed to work better but now it's just more things to wean her from. Poor girl. Her silo popped off again, this time in a different place, so now she has more stitches in that. She had a pretty uneventful day, but got pretty upset a few times and has been moving her arms and legs and head when she cries. I hate it. Pray for her comfort, for quiet, for her kidneys and for her to come off of ECMO by Monday. Adam is going back to work on Monday and we would both just feel more comfortable if she was off ECMO when he goes back because we aren't going to be able to be there overnight anymore when he goes back and we won't be able to have someone there all the time when he goes back either.
The boys bought Grace a purple and pink unicorn mini pillow pet to put on the top of her isolette. They can't wait to see her more and hold her. Pray for them as well, they are doing such a good job considering how sudden and severe and different things have been for them. They are still having a hard time though, they just want her home and to hold her. They don't really understand completely why its taking so long.
Thank you so much for all the thoughts, prayers, kind words and acts that everyone has shown.


  1. Miranda:

    Checking your blog and prayin for that baby girl daily! Sounds like she is really working towards getting off of ECMO!

    Janna Caravia

  2. Glad they are considering trialing. Continued prayers for her. and you all! ((((hugs))))