Monday, June 20, 2011


This post is long overdue and I apologize. Most of my blogging is done either very hurriedly in the waiting room or while I am pumping and doing it one handedly or in the very very early morning/late night hours when I have been awake for 20 or so hours and have a hard time being coherent and remembering what I intended on writing! I also intended on doing all of these personally or with a card and well I just can't it seems.
I have alot of overdue "thank yous". Thank you to Grandma Pam, and Grandma and Grandpa Fisher for stepping in with the kids during the first week and all the times since, not sure what we would have done alot of days without you guys. Mike and Lynette, thank you for everything, your help with the boys, and the house and prayers and encouragement is more helpful than you know. Though I am not thankful that you know what we are going through, I am thankful you know what we are going through. Make sense?! Thank you to The Kolinski's, we sure need gas:) Thank you to the BG office, your giftcard was used for the boppy that Grace LOVES, and Fremont, you know we love to eat:) and Grace loves getting lotioned up after her bath!  And thank you just for supporting Adam and making his workday easier. Thank you Andi and Maya for putting on the auction and all who donated and bought, you all will never know how incredibly touched I was by that. Thank you to the Grant family, how very kind of you, I would absolutely love to bring Miss Grace for a visit to Maine one summer. Kathleen and Scott (and your beautiful babies) the bracelet and butterfly are very appreciated still. Grace likes the music now. Danessa, Thank you for thinking of our family and what a neat thing for your church to do. Dacia, it is amazing how intwined you are with the Fisher family! You are so sweet and so thankful for your gifts, Grace likes getting hospital mail! To whoever left the gas card in my pump bag, wow thank you! How sly! I was so surprised and actually cried. Stevenson's I will forever be grateful for the Navy for bringing our families together. You are so incredibly kind and I appreciate your gifts more than you can know. I still hold out hope that I will be Liz's mother in law one day!!!! Barrow family, thank you SO much for your gift. It will be so useful! Thank you to the Vineyard church. Thank you Matt for mowing the lawn a few weeks ago! Thank you to the American Legion, Ida. Thank you Helen and family! thank you Aunt Jo and Dianne. I am sorry if I am forgetting anyone at this time, I am overwhealmed with the love and support that has been given to our family. The generosity of others is just astounding. For all the thoughts and prayers from everyone, thank you! Grace is miss popular and we know that is helping her get better!

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