Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More progress!

I am so proud of Grace! She is doing so well! She is tolerating her feeds with no problems and I think her stomach may be starting to work, because she is not putting out much bile at all out of her tube! She is tolerating her feeds so well that they went from increasing them every 12 hours to every 8 and then every 6! She is almost halfway to full feeds now! The pressure for me to up my production is on! She has been sprinting and doing very well with it, she doesn't even seem to notice anything is different! She even threw a huge fit today while sprinting and was able to maintain her sats. We are really hoping for extubation very soon. They have her on antibiotics due to the pseudomonas and want her to have a little more of the course done before they extubate. They are still weaning her sedation and she is still doing well. She had been being given TPN and lipids for the last 2 months since she couldn't eat and tonight her TPN will run out and not be replaced! She is off lipids too, and may still get some here and there but she is well on her way to getting everyting she needs from breastmilk!
She is doing very well and I am so happy with the progress she is making!
Thank you all for your prayers and keep them coming!


  1. I have tried to post for the last several days and my computer hasnt let me! I had so much to say too! LOL Im so glad she is doing better!! She has been on my mind sooo much. I remember the looong intubation and I remember so excited when, after so long Camden could FINALLY keep good sats while pitching a fit. I thought those days would never come. His breathing was awful and now he is in his crib crying and pitching a fit, praise God. =) I cant WAIT for Grace to be crying so loudly, doing the same!
    Continued prayers for your precious lil warrior!

  2. So glad she is doing well!!! Hoping for extubation soon and her road to home comes quickly!