Friday, July 8, 2011

Doing well

Sorry I have not updated since the surgery. Grace was not down in surgery for as long as we had feared because they were able to go ahead and place the tubing into her stomach rather than have to figure out how to get it through her heart. SO overall it only took her about an hour. The neurosurgeon said it went as well as he would have hoped on his end, however sedation was an issue as always with Grace. She is still intubated, which really stinks. SHe hates it still, but is much more tolerant of it than she was a month ago. They are being very cautious of extubating too quickly because of her PPHN. She is awaiting an MRI hopefully later today and then if she tolerates that well, then we might be able to continue weaning her vent today and hopefully extubate tomorrow. I will post a more detailed update later, but she is doing well right now. It seems she is much less irritated, perhaps she did just have a headache her entire life.


  1. Thoughts and prayers continue to come your way from North Carolina...

  2. Continuing to pray for baby Grace & you & your family. She is so beautiful in those pictures you posted & I'm so glad to see her in your arms. I hope she finally catches a break soon.