Wednesday, January 9, 2013

17 Months.

17 months have passed. I can't believe she has been gone that long. My arms have not held my daughter in close to a year and a half. How is that possible? I miss her, oh how I miss her. I miss the things I never got to do with her and I miss the things I did get to do with her. I miss washing loads of little pink clothing. I wonder if I would be any good making pigtails and braids.  It's hard to believe she would be turning two in March. I should be planning her birthday party, 2 year olds are so much fun. I always wanted to have a tea party with my daughter, that always sounded like so much fun. Instead I will think of ways to honor her memory and life.
I will try my hardest to live as she did, with courage and love, tenacity and strength. I strive for my life to speak of hers, I am far from that but it is my goal. Someday, I will see her again but until then I will miss her with every single breath I take.

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  1. I miss her too, even though we have never met. She has allowed me to meet her beautiful mother and share in the love we have for our angel children. Thinking of you and beautiful sweet Grace.xoxo