Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Capture Your Grief day 3. Self portrait after loss

This was just a few weeks after Grace died. Something that has always stuck with me was something my best friend said to me after Grace's funeral. She told me that even though I could smile, hold a conversation and even laugh, my eyes were sad. I've come to find out, over this journey that it's a lot easier to fake a smile than I ever realized..


  1. Miranda, I am so happy to see your posts and pictures. It is really a " connecting" feeling to be partaking in this together. Take care & hugs!

  2. You can fake a smile, yes, but the people who love you and really *see* you will know the sadness there too. And as you so beautifully shared in your last post, you can feel grief and feel joy. You're a strong mama, Miranda. So lovely to hear you again in blogland.

    Samuel's mama