Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grace needs major prayers

This is graces aunt Brandi! I just got a phone call from miranda to tell everyone they need to pray!!! She got a phone call from the hospital and they told her to get up there ASAP. Grace is not doing very well and she is needing a lot of help!! Please stop what you are doing and pray!
Pray that she will be okay!
Pray that her doctors will know what to do at the right times and she will get past this!
Pray for adam and miranda to get them safley to the hospital!
Pray that the boys will also have strength!


  1. Please keep us updated... Thinking of this precious family and praying, praying, praying...

  2. Praying for baby Grace!!!!!!!!!!!

    Janna Caravia

  3. Praying for your family...... We are only three rooms down from you all so let me know if there is anything that I can do for you all.

    Leslie, Greg, Cole and Aiden (CDH survivor born 7-28)

  4. We are praying for Grace and the whole family. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

    Sharon, Freddie, Gracie & Faith