Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grace continues to spike fevers and be extremely uncomfortable and upset. She is inconsolable without sedation and this morning her fever was 39.7 which is 103.4. Nobody really knows what is going on with her and why this is happeneing. Everything they have cultured has come back negative and nothing is screaming infected. So they are concerened with it being one of her lines or possibly her patch from her repair or her gut, they just dont know. Right now they are placing a central line in her groin and removing her broviac and her picc line. This is not such a good thing at all, everything that goes through her lines she needs, she needed every acess they had and now they have to figure out how to deliever everything she needs through the one central line. If the fever does not stop and she does not settle down and it proves to have not been a line then they are jut right back to scratchign thier heads over this. Pray please for Grace to be ok, pray for wisdom for her doctors to figure out what is giong on with her.


  1. Praying they figure out what is going on with baby Grace. I hope that replacing the lines fixes the problem!!!!!!

    Janna Caravia

  2. Lots of prayers being sent your way!

  3. We are praying hard for Grace!! Your family is always in our thoughts and on our hearts....