Thursday, March 31, 2011

A busy day for Grace.

Im going to try to make this short but informative since I need to get to bed. Grace had a good day again today. Last night Adam brought the boys back to Perrysburg and I stayed with Grace and at the Ronald McDonald house. I stayed with her until about 11:30 and while I was there, Kelley, her night nurse showed me how to do Mouth care. It is where you swab the inside of her mouth and lips with water since they get very dry being suctioned and having the vent in. It felt so awesome to be able to take care of her somehow, it's very small in terms of what is going on with her but monumental for me. She liked it alot. I got back to the hospital around 5:30 am and Grace had had a fine night and was still resting. Rounds are at 6, when her team comes around and basically touches base with how the day before went and how the day is planned to go. They said she would basically stay the same today and was doing very well.
After rounds, I started to get so sleepy as I had only slept about 3 hours (and we are looking like that will happen again) and thought about heading to the waiting room for a nap. I am so so glad I didnt though because Grace woke up! She has been very sedated up till now and has fluttered her eyes here and there but hadnt opened them the way she did today. She looked at me while I talked to her and looked around the room as best she could. She started to raise her blood pressure from the activity though they gave her some Adavan so she could calm down. I am so glad she opened them. she is so gorgeous. They had to change a few things on her and she got a little upset, which was upsetting to me because since she had been so sedated, the procedures didnt bother her before but now they are a bit. They do keep her comfortable though.
Grace was baptised today as well, the Chaplin Lindsay was very sweet and kind and did a beautiful job. She involved the boys which was very nice.
Oh and I can't believe I almost forgot this, when Adam did mouth care on her after I left to bring the boys back to Perrysburg, he was able to use my colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk a baby gets when nursing. It's thick and full of fat and antibodies that are so important. This will not go into her gut at all, so it's not feeding her at all but just to get a taste in her mouth for it, and hopefully make her want to nurse when she is able. I am holding out hope that she will one day nurse. I am striving for it. He said she seemed to like it, so that is so great!
I would like to ask a favor, we are realizing that the boys cannot stay with us at the hospital every day like we had hoped, it's too much for all of us. but we both need to be at the hospital. Not just to see Grace to but make decisions for her care. She will get better faster if we are both there. But i dont want to always bog down certain people and others ahve lives too. So if anyone is willing to help out wiht the boys sometime can you please let us know somehow, when you are available? Leave a facebook message/post or call us or text or respond here. We really appreciate it. I think for now that's it. I need to get to bed. More pictures coming soon, they are just taking a really long time uploading.

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